Vicar's Letter

Vicar's Letter

The amazing story of William Carey, father of modern missions, always fascinates me. Shoemaker by trade, but scholar, linguist and missionary by God's moulding. He was an ordinary man with an extraordinary faith. He went to India as a missionary and learned Indian dialects, into which he translated the Word of God. He prayed. And he pled. And he plodded. And he persisted. And he preached. His passion for missions is expressed by his words: "Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God".

When St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral opened its doors on 13th Nov 2005, I never imagined that we would be able to accomplish so much progress and prosperity in such a short period of time. Every day we have the opportunity for worship and prayer in our very own church. The Lord has immensely blessed our congregation and offered us much more than what we asked for. I am so proud of our dedicated congregation which has worked together for many years to build the Church for our future generations. The Lord has taught us to work together as a family and bring every matter to Him in prayer with our whole heart. By doing this, we look forward to the Lord revealing His greater plan for our Church in the years ahead.

Again, quoting William Carey "Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God."

This is just the beginning.

On behalf of our congregation, I welcome you to our church website and believe that you will find it most informative. I hope you will be able to join us for the Holy Qurbana service every Sunday or whenever you visit Sydney if you live elsewhere.

God Bless
Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese (Saji Achen)

Managing Committee 2023-2024
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Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese Cor-Episcopa Vicar +61 411 867 070
Mr. Mathews George (Danny) Trustee +61 438 208 287
Mrs. Joise Jojy Thomas Secretary +61 435 850 935
Dr. Ginu Abraham Members
Mr. Binu Jacob Members
Mr. John Samuel Members
Mr. Baby Zachariah (Saju) Members
Mrs. Susetty John Members
Mr. Ashik Chacko Mathulla Members
Mr. Mathew Chandy Auditor